The mystery of the double fly!


I’ve started to go climbing on the south-side of inner-city Stockholm, at the beautiful Münchenbryggeriet. Here’s the view facing the cliff.
And here’s the view from the top of these cliffs at night. Very pretty city!
It’s incredibly nice to be able to climb right in the city, in amazing surroundings, with a fantastic view of the city as the reward for the climb.
It also typifies the great mix of city and nature that Stockholm offers, five minutes walk from the busiest shopping street in Scandinavia is this quiet little park with happy people enjoying a days climbing.
It’s a great place to climb, but also turned out to be a great place to solve mysteries. I’ve got a nice rucksack from Klättermusen, which has been a faithful bearer of my gear on many trips. It’s a 60 litre Mjölner, full of the usual Klättermusen clever details like weird but functional shoulder adjustments or the little Silva compass and whistle stuck on the breast strap.
I’m very satisfied with it, it’s a little heavy but I’m not yet hardcore enough about weight to chuck out gear in order to save a few hundred grammes. I like the fact that it’s comfortable and rugged, and it has a huge grey bamboo inner dry-bag that rolls up with the outer enclosure to make it totally waterproof, nice for when you take an unplanned swim when crossing rivers.
One thing has always confused me about it though. Inside the top lid pocket, connected to a roll of webbing, was a little clip. Clipped into this little clip was another little clip.
These two little clips clip into the top pocket, but with what purpose? I thought at first it was something you could stick your keys onto when you left the car and started heading into the wild, but the clip even had a little break in it so the keys would just fall off in no time. I was fairly stumped.
It’s also not the first Klättermusen product detail that has confused me. I have a couple of their superb Mithril pants (sadly no longer in production) for general hiking and climbing and kayaking. Very comfy, stretchy, fast-drying pants with kevlar knees, made in Sweden. What more could you ask for?
The confusing detail of the pants was the zip on the fly. When I bought my first pair I saw there were two zips on the fly, one at the top and one on the bottom. I thought perhaps it was an error until I read somewhere that Klättermusen were discontinuing the Mithril pants, so I ran out and bought another pair and saw the same double zips. And I convinced a couple of friends to grab these pants while they were still around, and they all had two zips!
Then while in a hiking shop, convincing another friend to bag these mithril pants before they were all gone, I asked one of the helpful staff about this weird clip in the Mjölner. It turns out the clip is so when you want to use the inner dry-bag without the rucksack (like on a kayaking trip), you can stick the clips on the bag and use it as a normal roll-top dry bag.
Voilà! Brilliant, sadly I was in so much of a hurry to run home and try this out that I forgot to ask about him what the second zip on the mithril fly was for. A few weeks later there I was at Münchenbryggeriet and the mystery solved itself.
Climbing’s a thirsty business and after sucking down a litre or so of water during the day I was duly rewarded with a full bladder. And then I saw why the second fly was there…
It was for having a tinkle without having to remove your climbing harness first. Very clever! Fun to see this nice attention to detail.

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  • July 23, 2010 at 9:38 am

    Thanks Hendrik, I have to say I'm always inspired by the pics you put up, they're excellent!


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